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New Director of Soccer Operations

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New Director of Soccer Operations

‚ÄčDylan Begany

Sahlen Sports Park for years has been a hub for young, aspiring soccer players to develop over the 15 years. Now, with the facilities latest investment, there will be more opportunities for players to learn the game at a recreational and travel level. SSP has revamped their “Champions” program for the upcoming season, offering it not only for ages 2-5, but also 6-11 once per week. “The Champions program has been a staple program since we opened our doors. With todays busy lifestyle, we decided to offer our popular champions program in a once-per-week curriculum,” says Vice President Aaran Lines “Players will still be able to come in and improve with our programming and families will be able to balance it all.” In addition to the new structuring, SSP has recently hired Dylan Begany has as the Director of Soccer Operations at Sahlen Sports Park. His main duties will be developing curriculum and practice plans, along with coaching all of the Champions programs. He will also be coaching in the Euro Champions program, as well as coaching camps the park will be hosting throughout the year. 

Dylan Begany is originally from Goshen, New York, which is a small town just about an hour north of NYC. He began his playing career for Quickstrike FC and Goshen Central High School. He then went on to play for SUNY Cortland Club Men’s Soccer team. During his time at SUNY Cortland he interned as an assistant coach for the Cortland Men’s Varsity program, while also coaching practices for the club team. After college, Begany served as an assistant coach for SUNY Purchase Men’s Soccer Team for one season. Begany also assistant coached at SUNY New Paltz before moving on to Smith’s Clove Park where he helped set up preschool and after school programs, camps as well as after school sport instructional classes for ages 3-16. “Dylan’s coaching experience at the collegiate level as well as his background with the 3-16 age range at Smith’s Clove make him a valuable asset here,” Director of Operations Kayla Kent says. “He has a fantastic demeanor with kids of all ages and can adjust his coaching style to the ability and age of the children so they not only have fun, but learn. "

Begany has high expectations when it comes to his coaching style and techniques. His main focus is to help his players reach their highest potential both on and off the soccer field. Begany stated, “My biggest goal is improvement and fostering their love for the game”. His number one priority will always be making sure his players are getting better. Along the way he will be looking for the players to have fun and to improve upon his own coaching skills and techniques, as well.

To get the program to the next level Begany plans on using his hard work ethic and strong personality. Begany stated, “I’m the ultimate perfectionist in almost anything I do, especially when it comes to my work, which I think will push me to help grow this program to the best of its ability”. He also plans on using his light sense of humor and fun loving attitude to make sure kids are learning, and most importantly having fun along the way.

When asked about how Begany feels joining the Sahlen’s team, he stated “I am very excited! I’m not from the area, but Sahlen Sports Park has such a great reputation and after seeing the facility I was hooked. To be able to coach and mentor children in the game of soccer which has had a huge impact on my life and to do so in such a great facility, there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing”.

To welcome Dylan to SSP or contact him regarding Champions or Euro Champions, please email him at